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The Crossposting Failure

I can't claim to be as prolific as I used to with publishing. Today, for the first time in over six months, I published a post on Worldwide Ace. It will not be showing up here.

When I first migrated to Wordpress 2008, my intention was to have a more professional outlet for my writing than LiveJournal. I would post personal items here and more polished pieces there. Even as I migrated my archives and comments--in preparation for the imminent demise of LJ, of course--I removed posts I considered subpar or too personal.

What I found, however, was that I wasnt posting more personal entries here. In fact, I wasn't posting more personal entries at all. The glossier, finer finish that I aimed for at Worldwide Ace became the standard to which I held myself. Luckily, the LJcrossposter plugin allowed every post I made there to show up here as well.

The crossposter plugin hasn't been updated since 2011. With every new iteration of Wordpress, it gets worse. I've explored a remake plugin and other alternatives, but nothing has been functional, and I have not the inclintion to build the ideal plugin myself.

While I will continue to lurk and participate, reading what my friends post, I have a sneaking suspicion that this will be the last post I make to my LJ proper. And while in some ways that saddens me, it makes far more sense than the hoops I was jumping through for the last three years to crosspost properly.

If you're still interested in reading my work, you can find it on Worldwide Ace.