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Smart Phone, Stupid User


A little over a month ago, I got a smart phone. Suddenly, the world opened up to me in new and interesting ways, and despite having adopted Smart Phone Luddism for years fearing the repercussions on my life, it's enabled so many positives that I'm easily eating crow for my anti-smart phone campaigning.

One downside to waiting so long to adopt a smart phone is that my techie, power-user status has fallen behind the times. In the last week, I've had the following conversation with my phone and the Internet:

Me: “Wow! This is cool, but I want to do more with my phone and remove some of this bloatware. How do I do that?”

Internet: “Root your phone! It's easy! Here's seven ways you can do that.

Me: “Cool! Wait, is there any risk to this?”

Internet: “Oh sure. You could brick your phone, void your warranty or prevent yourself from getting important security updates.”

Phone: “Please don't kill me!”

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