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The Endless Celebration

A crowd huddles around the phone, eyes glued to the glowing screen as pictures from a brag book float by. In any other venue, it'd be a gaggle of grandmas sharing pics of their kids and grandkids. "How cute," they would coo at each other.

"Look at how big that one is," I hear one of the onlookers say. It easily could've been said by a grandma, but his gruff voice and thick auburn beard make it easy to see that this isn't your average brag book.

Lit up by the glow of the phone are a half-dozen young and middle-aged men, each craning to see the screen as images of home-brew set-ups float by. Each of the men gathered around the phone are active members of Fort Collins's deep and varied beer scene. With twelve open breweries and tap rooms as of the first of the month, there's seemingly no end to the number of people coming and going, playing with recipes, and brewing on a commercial level.

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